Cass and Brent – a bkaptured wedding…

It is with great pleasure that I finally get to share with you the photos from our wedding at Port Phillip Estate. Like most photographers I battled with the idea of having someone else photograph my beautiful bride. And although Cass suggested that we should engage someone…I couldn’t. I photographed Cass, Richard (our best man) photographed the two of us and Cass photographed Richard and I….the only real challenge came when we needed photos of the entire bridal party…

Cass’ dress was designed by the team at Mathieu Salem Couture  We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mathieu, Emily and Lizzie for their amazing talent and generous spirit.

5LC_2374  5LC_2384

5LC_2371 5LC_2370

5HI_0675    5HI_0012

Cass and Sue’s hair and makeup was done by the amazing Rachel De Zylva. Both of them looked stunning.

5HI_0704  5HI_0997


Its always lovely to photograph a radiant bride…today, I was even more blessed. That beautiful bride would become my wife in only a few hours. We choose to do our photos before the ceremony. Getting married in Victoria in winter is always challenging with the lack of light and potentially inclemant weather. We had done a few photo shoots over winter throughout the Mornington Peninsula and on each occasion it was either freezing cold, windy or raining. Our wedding day dawned with a beautiful sunrise. Our biggest problem quickly became too much light!



IMG_0207  IMG_0215 5HI_1085

5HI_0939 5HI_1129

Cass and Sue’s bouquets were made by Flowers by Tori based in the Peninsula. When Cass initially received the flowers the colours were wrong. We had very little time to correct the problem. Tori was on the phone immediately, arranged for the flowers to be fixed in Red Hill and within 2 hours had returned remade bouquets. The hall mark of a great wedding service provider is their ability to quickly rectify a situation that has gone wrong. Its a great compliment to Tori that she was able to address this situation so quickly and so professionally. Its easy to look great when everything goes well, it takes real talent to resolve a difficult situation…so Tori, we thank you for your amazing flowers and professional service.


We shot our main wedding photos at a winery near Port Phillip Estate. Thankfully they had a small vineyard that was covered in shade and allowed us to capture some beautiful images. I don’t think I have photographed bigger smiles or a happier Bride and Bridesmaid…Cass and Sue beamed all day long…making photographing them an absolute pleasure.

5HI_1200   5HI_1197

5HI_1416 5HI_1411 5HI_1237

The groom on the other hand, well he loves being behind the camera but when he is in front it of it the word relaxation tends to disappear. Following below are two photos of a clearly uncomfortable photographer turned model. To all those grooms out their that I have photographed over the years, who felt really uncomfortable…I share your pain!

5HI_1359 5HI_1355

5HI_1461  5HI_1508

The biggest challenge on the day was always going to be who would photograph the entire wedding party…given we now had 100% of bkaptured photography in front of the camera….naturally we left it all to the last minute, finally sending out an SOS to Denis to come to the rescue.

5HI_1331 5HI_1273

He was enjoying a quiet ale at the Flinders Hotel when he got the call so I am forgiving him for his lack of professional attire. Thanks mate for some great images…and for making the journey over the ditch.


We returned to Port Phillip Estate and handed over control of the camera to the bride…Figured we really should get a photo of the Groom and Best Man together.  I actually think it is the only photo of Richard and I together from over 27 years of friendship and travelling the world together, in that time capturing millions of images…I actually cannot think of another single photo taken of just the two of us…so all credit goes to Cass…

5HI_1581  5HI_1531

Cass on the lawn at Port Phillip Estate


Everyone loves a great family photo…note to self…make sure bride and groom are not grossing the kids out by kissing…


These two photos of Cass are amongst my favourite from the day. The stairwell at Port Phillip Estate is amongst my favourite places for wedding images.

5HI_1763    5HI_1760

Our wedding service was performed by Felicity Kerr, a marriage celebrant based in Mt Martha. Felicity was brilliant to work with, beautifully tailoring our ceremony to exactly what Cass and I wanted it to be. Our reading was read by my niece Amy. She did an amazing job.

IMG_0261   IMG_0253

Our wedding was held in the Barrel Room…it was the most romantic setting one could have asked for. I love this photo of Cass…to me this is why we photograph, it completely captures the connection that we share…


5HI_2028  5HI_1944


A massive thank you to Chris Jensen Burke for her inspiring speech at our reception. Chris had just become the first Australian / New Zealand Women to climb K2 and flew back for our wedding. Certainly she was a hard act to follow…

5HI_2451  5HI_2434

Our wedding cake was beautifully made by Coco Cakes from Melbourne


We had a slight change to our Reception speeches…Ruka Brooking decided to bring Port Phillip Estate to a complete standstill with his incredibly passionate Haka..the hairs on the back on my neck were standing to attention…we were both incredibly touched by your gesture.

5HI_2401 5HI_2405 5HI_2408

We chose the 6 course degustation at Port Phillip Estate. Wow…the food was awesome, the wine, the pinot noir… something special. Thank you to Kate and the wonderful staff who looked after us so beautifully. We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding venue

5HI_2323 5HI_2322

Three weeks out from our wedding and we decided we should get some dance lessons…thank you to the amazing patience of Janise from the Crows Nest Dance Centre who made it loads of fun to learn. Cass is signing up for Salsa in the new year…I’ll stick to photography!

5HI_2606 5HI_2602

The night was made even more special by the amazing music that the Baker Boys played…our only regret was that the night was over so quickly.


Given that our wedding was held in the Mornington Peninsula we needed somewhere to accommodate family and friends. Cass found the most amazing accommodation at Orchard Keepers in Red Hill. This is the morning after…exhausted but happy…


To all our friends and family that attended our wedding….Thank you…