Leyla and Clint – Bathers Pavilion

Leyla and Clint were married at the picturesque Bathers Pavilion at Balmoral Beach on the 12th July. Once again the weather Gods smiled and turned on a beautiful evening. Sydney had been having a run of wet and cold days in the lead up to their wedding so we were all pleased with the outcome.

Leyla looked radiant, she smiled the entire day. I think the photos capture the beautiful relationship that Leyla and Clint enjoy


5LC_0235 5LC_0308


71LC0281 71LC0264

The view from the Deck at Bathers Pavilion


We did the more formal shots around Balmoral Beach, although as you can tell Leyla and Clint really wanted fun and casual shots so thats what we aimed for.


 71LC0330  5LC_0495  5LC_0681

5LC_0653  5LC_0717

There was lots of love and laughter. We had a really enjoyable 30 minute photoshoot.

5LC_0878 71LC0557

Then it was back to the party and the festivities began…their wedding dance, courtesy of Susan Williams at the North Shore Dance Studio in Crows Nest was amazing.


and to top things off…the most wonderfully original wedding cake…those apples would tempt anyone!

5LC_0010  71LC0029

5LC_1135  5LC_1143

Congratulations to Leyla and Clint on a most beautiful wedding and for allowing us the privilege to photograph it.